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A Quick Look At : Backbone - Prologue

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Backbone: Prologue was released on steam on the 24th of April. At the time I downloaded the game it had overwhelmingly positive reviews. It’s free to play so I decided to give it a shot. The game has unique art style that set’s it apart from other indie games. Backbone describes itself as a dystopian noir adventure, it’s art style and soundtrack succeeds in creating a unique atmosphere.

This is only a demo, but it gives you a good idea for what to expect in the full game. You play as a racoon private investigator that is on a case to find dirt on a supposed cheater. In this demo we see the office of It is a side-scroller, but you will find lots of objects and scenery to interact with throughout your adventure.

The only issue I had with this demo is that some of the puzzles and stealth sections feel pernickety and force the player to replay the same section over again to find the solution. In my opinion, a good puzzle game should be difficult but shouldn’t make you want to rage quit.

Overall, I feel like Backbone: Prologue is definitely worth a look at, it is free to play after all.

The full game is said to be released in 2020.

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