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Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is Out Now

On the 1st of October, Destiny 2: Shadowkeep was released. Destiny is prone to shaky launches, but this one was especially bad. In the first half hour of release players were able to access servers. According to PC Gamer, Destiny was just past 200,000 concurrents on Steam before the servers crashed and were taken offline for emergency maintenance.

After an excess of three hours, the dam finally broke and players could access Shadowkeep.

The first mission has you assaulting the new enemy base on the moon. Enris Morn is back to stop the dark rituals that are happening there.

“Something stirs on the surface of our forgotten moon – spiritual remenants of the past, haunted by the memories of their deaths. So strong is their torment that it has begun to reshape reality itself, calling forth waking nightmares that mimic foes once thought conquered by Guardians: warlords, mercenaries, prisoners, and disciples now imbued with a dark power, fed by fear itself.”

The campaign starts strong and the enemies are stronger. This level of challenge is the first for Bungie. They have added a new finisher mechanic, when an enemy is near death they glow and you can use the finisher.

Shadowkeep is now available on all platforms.

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