• Emily

Did Game Freak Lie?

Pokemon Sword and Shield launches in just two days. If you have been on Twitter this past week you may notice that #ThankYouGameFreak and #GameFreakLied were trending for a few days.

Game Freak revealed that, for the first time, it would not be possible to have all past generations of Pokemon available to play with. This was apparently due to making all Pokemon models and animations from scratch for the move to Switch.

Yesterday, Data-miners uncovered that the “new” Pokemon are identical to the Sun and Moon models in every way. In the hashtag, there are comparison pictures and videos showing the two models side by side.

Game Freak revealed that team moral was low due to the controversy. This led to #ThankYouGameFreak trending. Fans shared their fondest memories of past games.

Although this seems like a huge deal on Twitter, I highly doubt it will affect launch. The internet is sometimes a contained fireball of anger that rarely translates in the real world.

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