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Everything We Know About Cyberpunk 2077

It’s been a while since Cyberpunk released a new demo at E3. Since then, their devs have been busy on twitter delving deep into different features of the game. We still have just under a year to wait until we actually experience the game, but until then we will make do with re-watching the demo and listening to the creators talk about it.

One of the key features that the Cyberpunk team are focusing on, is player freedom. In a short video posted to their main twitter, they talk about the importance of allowing the player to influence the situation. The character will be able to move around during some cut scenes as well as look around at the surroundings. This, partnered with dialogue options, gives the player complete control over the story.

This feature is one I’m particularly excited about. Apart from fast travel, there will be no loading screens. This means that the immersion remains intact when traversing the six districts.

The character creation is very detailed and although we haven’t heard much about it, we do know that you are able to customise your voice. There is probably only going to be two options for this as it takes a lot of time and money to get more than two voice actors to record all of the dialogue in the game, including different dialogue options in cut scenes.

Although this is not confirmed, we are predicting two voices for female and two for male.

Hardcore mode will turn off the UI for the game. We aren’t sure how much of a disadvantage this will be as we don’t know what the UI contains just yet. I’m guessing that you will unable to see the map, your health, and your abilities. Again, this is all just assumptions and has not yet been confirmed by the team.

There is now a lore book available for pre-order on Amazon for £35.99. It will be available on the 21st of April 2020, a few days after the release of the full game. This will give hardcore fans a deeper insight into the story behind Cyberpunk and will give you the upper hand when arguing about lore on Reddit.

We already knew that there are three life states to choose from at the beginning, including Street Kid, Corpo and Nomad. The creators have talked about this a little bit further and we now know that, depending on what you choose, your character will have knowledge about different factions and will be treated differently accordingly. For example, Street Kids will have more street cred and Corpos will have more knowledge about corporations.

Like in GTA, you will be able to own a garage to hold all of your cars and motorbikes. There is a limited number of vehicles that you can own and each of them have different modifications that you can apply.

We love learning more about Cyberpunk and the different features involved, the devs are doing an amazing job at building hype for the title. Here’s hoping it actually lives up to it.

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