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Fallout 76 has Done it Again

Fallout 76 is in the news again and its not in a good way. Bethesda announced last week that long-awaited NPC’s have been delayed until next year. To rub salt in the wound, they announced that there is a premium subscription coming to 76. Understandably, there was outrage from fans as Bethesda was trending worldwide on Twitter.

In a blog post Bethesda announced that:

“a premium membership that offers something players have been asking for since before launch: private worlds for you and select friends.”

The subscription gets you a private version of the world that they can share with up to seven other players, who don’t have to be subscribers. It will set you back £13 a month or £100 a year. It will at some point support mods. In addition to this, subscribers will get exclusive items including “survival tent” that players can use as a make-shift base and fast travel point.

You also get a unique outfit, emotes and atoms delivered monthly. 1,650 atoms to be exact. You can buy 1,100 atoms for £10 in the store. It’s a really odd business move in my opinion. A subscription to Netflix costs £13 and a World of Warcraft sub costs £15 a month. Bear in mind that 76 is not a free to play game, it costs £40.

Part of me thinks Fallout has a really smart PR team behind it. Any press is good press after all. But then the rest of me thinks that Bethesda are really losing their minds. Fallout 76 has no hope.

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