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Fight a Dragon with Squats in Nintendo: Ring Fit Adventure

Nintendo have announced the successor to the Wii Fit and honestly, it looks even better. The Nintendo Ring is a rubberised ring that has slots for a joy-con to track your movements. It is basically a Pilates ring with a pocket on one end.

Ring Fit Adventure is the name of the game that is paired with your fit ring. The adventure itself is a fully-fledged RPG. You travel through 20 worlds that get grander in size. It is structured like a Super Mario game. You team up with a sentient ring called Ring, funnily enough, to fight off a purple dragon wearing a leotard who is infecting the fantasy realm with darkness.

Within worlds are different levels. In one level you’re travelling on rails along a pre-determined path. Your running on the spot dictates the speed at which you travel. Perform in perfect sync with your avatar and their hair will light up. Push the ring to blast air, which is useful for opening doors, and pull it to hoover up items.

There is a significant amount of resistance offered by the ring, it is possible to calibrate this resistance. You exercise without even really being aware that you’re doing so. Yoga moves can be used to heal. There’s gear to collect, potions to concoct and mini games to complete.

Ring Fit Adventure is released on October 18th and in my opinion, it is a worthy successor to the Wii Fit.

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