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Four Features we Love from Sims 4: Island Living

Updated: Jul 15, 2019


Mermaids are a new sim-form available to players. You can create one in CAS or you can eat ‘Mermadic Kelp’ to turn your current sim into one. The mermaid comes with the ability to kiss other sims without a romantic relationship, call an unsuspecting sim from the land out to sea and can cause other sims to drown.

Fans have been wanting mermaids in the Sims 4 for some time, so it is a welcome addition into the game.


Sims now have the ability to tan or burn. Sunbathing outside on a float or a lounge chair will give your sim different levels of tan. What’s special about this feature is that the tan leaves behind lines that match what your sim is wearing. For example, I found that when I wore the white scalloped bikini, there was a scalloped design left behind after tanning.

Swimming in the Ocean

We have already had oceans including in the Sims 4, but we have never had the ability to swim in them. In Sulani, we can now wade into the sea and swim around. Although this is limited to Sulani, there is a vast ocean to explore. You can scuba dive, snorkel, and float on your back. There is also a jet-ski and boat available to get around the coast quicker.

New Careers

With Island Living, we saw the introduction of the conservation career, the lifeguard career and the diver career. The conservation career is a full time career and the other two are part time which means you can be employed in both of them at the same time.

Overall, there is a lot to explore in Sulani and the new features of Island Living. It is available now on Origin for £34.99

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