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Gamescom 2019: Top 5 Announcements

Last week, Gamescom 2019 stormed Cologne, Germany. We saw everything from a new Death Stranding trailer to a 55” monitor from Alienware. Gamescom offered us more information about new games coming out as well as announcements. Here are the top five updates and announcements from Gamescom 2019.

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk is the most anticipated game of 2020. Thousands of fans (including me) are closely watching their movements to get any shred of information possible. We already know that there is a one-hour demo being released on the 29th during PAX that was probably shown during Gamescom. That doesn’t mean that we have no new information. The Nvidia Twitter account released a very short video showcasing the graphics and raytracing in Night City. What I got from this short clip was that Night City has enough neon lights to be seen from space. There was also a small glimpse of the hacking ability. We only have a few more days to wait until the next one-hour demo is released.


Death Stranding

The trailer released during Gamescom shed some light on the story, characters and gameplay mechanics. Whilst exploring the open world you can nap wherever you want. This allows you to restore health. There will be a lot of side missions based on cargo delivery. This gives you an opportunity to build relations with settlements. The bridge baby that you carry on your back, is sensitive to your actions. If you lose most of your health or fall from a height, the BB will start crying. You then have to rock it until it calms down. Apparently, you can also pee. You have a bladder icon that will show you how much urine you have. Its safe to say that Death Stranding will definitely be the oddest game of 2019.


Have you felt a hole in the games industry in the absence of Dragon Age? Then GreedFall is for you. Maybe. If you can overlook the 2009 graphics, it has the chance to be a really good game. You play as DeSardet, a diplomat. Overpopulation has led to the plague, called Malichor. Like Dragon Age, there are small subsections of the world with quests and points of interest. The class system is versatile, if you pick warrior, you are still able to cast spells if you wish. The character creation system appears to be in-depth and allows you to create whoever you want. There are a lot of things to be excited for in Greedfall and there is also some things to be concerned about. Either way, we won’t know until we are playing it for ourselves.

Gears of War 5

There is a new horde mode coming to Gears 5. Every horde character will have a unique ability, this extends to crossover characters like Sarah Connor from Terminator Dark Fate, and Kat + Emile from the Halo: Reach character pack. Each character has its own progression, personality, play-style and legacy. Jack is a new flying support bot that doesn’t need cover and can buff nearly players or hijack enemies making them fight each other. Power Taps is a new mechanic that encourages players to move around their base for more power and reward. In regard to the campaign, Studio Head Rod Fergusson said that it’s the biggest and best campaign to date.


The Alienware Aurora Desktop combines new enhanced thermal benefits purposed for longevity and pro level performance. It has a 9th generation Intel Core processors, HyperX Fury XMP DDR4 memory, optional CPU liquid cooling overclocking and dual graphics. The most interesting announcement from Alienware this year was the 55” OLED gaming monitor. It has unrivaled colour coverage and a 4K UHD resolution running at 120Hz. It is bigger than the TV in your living room probably. You will need a huge desk to hold this immense machine, but it will definitely be worth it with it’s top notch graphics and colour resolution.

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