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GreedFall Has Saved RPGs

If you have kept up with my blog posts, you may remember I gave GreedFall a “not very good” first impression. This whole article is me eating my words. GreedFall is an open world RPG. It is very easy to compare it to Dragon Age, but if you are expecting a BioWare level game you will be disappointed. GreedFall is made by a small developer called Spider. When you take into consideration that a small team made this game – it makes it all the more impressive.

In GreedFall, you play as Legate to the Congregation of Merchants: De Sardet. Constatine, your cousin, is the Governor of a town, called New Serene, in a newly discovered Island. You are the ambassador, so you play diplomat to other factions. There is a war going on between the new settlers and the native islanders, because humans are terrible in video games too.

The character customization is very, very limited. You can customise your gender, hair, and face preset, but that’s pretty much it. Although this is disappointing, I quickly forgot about it when I saw the armour choices. Base armour looks like its straight out of Vogue. You can then customise this further at the Blacksmith or at a Workbench. There is lots of options you can add to your armour that not only makes it look cooler, but improves its stats.

Along your journey to world peace, you pick up a rag-tag team of companions. Kurt is your weapons master, Vasco was your ship captain, Soira is a native islander, Aphra is a representative of The Bridge Alliance, and Petrus belongs to the Theleme faction. All of these companions are incredibly well written and are so dynamic and interesting. My favourite moments are catching up with my companions at camp and completing their side quests.As with any good RPG, you can romance your favourite. It lacks any depth and the kissing animations are hilariously awful, but I’m just glad the option is there.

The writing is incredible. You can tell that Spiders put a lot of effort and love into this game. The lore is fully realised and the world is dynamic and exciting. There are loads of areas to explore and each area is beautiful. I spent hours just running around looking at the scenery. There are several different ways to complete a quest. You can run in and kill everyone, reason with them, sneak past them in a disguise, or use your intuition to come to a solution. You have to think very carefully about how you proceed through a quest as the faction you side with will directly affect the story.

There are three different factions, Theleme which is heavily religious and think the natives are all savages, The Bridge Alliance who are looking for peace with the natives but are currently at war with them, and the Natives who are angry with the humans for invading their land. You can choose to help the natives or help take them down.

Combat is very difficult. It reminds me of Dark Souls in the sense you really need to think about timing and dodges. Its not a simple hack and slash which is refreshing for an RPG of this kind. Taking down big bosses requires a lot of skill and reloads, but it is very satisfying to win a difficult battle. Where you dedicate your skill points is very important. Vigor will let you get through areas quicker by using shortcuts, whereas science will let you craft potions and blow down weak walls. You can cater it to your playstyle.

I love GreedFall a lot. It has filled an RPG shaped hole in my heart. It is graphically beautiful, the writing is spectacular, and combat is difficult. If you are comparing it to Dragon Age then yes, it falls short. But in its own little world, it really is a diamond in the rough.

GreedFall is now available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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