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GTFO is Releasing Next Week in Early Access

Co-op, horror, survival game GTFO will be releasing in Early Access on December 9th. Developer 10 Chambers Collective released an eight-minute game play trailer in October showcasing a stealth, tactics and violence. From the trailer, it looks genuinely tense and frightening. As a member of the team said: “It’s all very methodical and tactical, until it isn’t.”

One of the new features coming in the Early Access release is “The Rundown” which is a system of rotating maps. Players will be given “work orders” consisting of different maps spread throughout a vast, multi-tiered underground complex, with limited amounts of time to get the job done. When the time limit is up a new work order is issued and the previous one goes away.

Time limits vary from order to order, ranging from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. 10 chambers said that it doesn’t want to put a full release date “that we’ll likely overshoot anyway.” The developers will maintain a public development road-map leading up to launch, so followers will be able to stay on top of how its coming along.

Early Access will sell for $35.

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