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I Played Fortnite for the First Time Ever

If you have been living under a rock, maybe you didn’t know how popular Fortnite is. Over the past two years it has grown massively in the gaming industry and is only projected to get bigger. Fortnite has an infamous reputation for only being played by 14-year-old boys who steal their parents credit cards to buy V bucks. Although this may be true, I decided it was time to try it out for myself – being the complete opposite of a 14-year-old boy. After my first few games of Fortnite, I have some opinions.

The basics of Fortnite are good. It’s a PVP battle royale with a huge map to run around in. When described like that it sounds fun, right?

When I skydived down into my first battle I realised that I’ve got no clue how to play this game. There are little to no helpful tips on basic controls. Bear in mind I played on my computer. At one point I picked up a grenade of some sorts and no matter what button I pressed my character refused to throw it. I’m not saying I want to be guided step-by-step, but a pop up telling me how to throw a grenade would have been helpful. I shouldn’t have to study the controls before playing a game. There is no consideration that perhaps you haven’t been playing this game everyday for two years, it just assumes. The building system confused me and the buttons (on keyboard) were awkward to reach. I don’t know how people can build and switch between materials so quickly.

The core of Fortnite is the combat. I would say I’m quite good in a PVP online situation. Playing Fortnite for a few games made me completely doubt my career. Players of this game have been playing for two years non-stop. They are hardcore. New players don’t stand a single chance against these people. Epic Games has been trying to make the title more accessible by adding the mech. The mech appears on the map and normally two spawn on opposite ends so no matter where you are you have a chance to reach it. I’ve heard arguments that the BRUTE is overpowered, and that maybe the case. However, I will grab any opportunity to kill even a single player.

After playing Fortnite for a while, I realised that its just not made for me. It’s made for younger players who have the time to sit and build their skills. I can understand why Fortnite is well suited to a competitive Esports environment. If Epic Games add more ways for newbies to excel in battle royale then maybe, I’ll give it another chance. But for now, my ego has been bruised enough.

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