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Is Nintendo as Bad as EA?

Mario Kart Tour released on mobile last week. Despite clunky steering it was met with rave reviews, even from me. I have been playing every single day since the release, and I have some issues.

The basics of the game are good. Its fun to race other players and use items to beat them up. As I advanced through Cups I realised that they are made up of repeated levels. There are nine different levels and 24 variations (so far). Nintendo spices it up by making you do it in reverse or with extra obstacles. To me it just feels lazy. Original Mario Kart games are full of fun and interesting levels, Mario Kart Tour starts to feel very “samey” after just two Cups.

Another difference made to levels as you progress, is a higher number of points required to get 5 stars. It’s not enough to come in first, you need to perform actions and have the right characters to even get a shot at 5 stars. For each level, there are preferred items and characters that give you a higher starting point as well as: more items from boxes, better combo percentage, etc.

The only problem is, is that most high-level characters need to be purchased from the shop or won in the pipe launch. You can spend upwards of £40 on rubies to use the pipe launch, and there is no guarantee you will get the character you need. For example, to get five stars on New York Minute, I need Mario or Pauline to give me a better advantage.

Ranting aside, I do think the game is enjoyable and its good for when you need to kill time. If you delve into it, you notice the same patterns EA use in most of their games. On the surface it appears expansive and exciting but in reality, there is a lack of gameplay and all the good stuff costs an arm and a leg.

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