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Kojima Hits Back at Negative Reviews

Death Stranding is the second largest launch in PlayStation 4’s history. Considering this, it is also the most divisive. It has been criticised for being a “walking simulator” and unimaginative quests. Others have given the title perfect scores, calling it “unique” and “game of the year”. This is very ironic considering the purpose of the game is to bring people together.

In response to the negative reviews, Kojima said: “It is a difficult game to understand for a certain type of critic and audience. Americans are great fans of first-person shooters and Death Stranding isn’t one, it flies higher.”

There are a few things wrong with this statement. He’s implying that first-person shooters can’t be unique and interesting, and that Americans have no taste in games. In my opinion, Death Stranding has a few unique ideas but is basically another open world game. It is worth trying out if you are interested in it but wait until it reduces in price.

Death Stranding is available now on PlayStation and will be available for PC in 2020.

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