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Luigi's Mansion 3 is a Delightful Addition to the Switch

Luigi’s Mansion 3 has been released on the Switch. It was trending on Twitter, which can either mean it’s amazing – or the worst thing ever. Fortunately, it was the former. It was widely received by critics and fans alike.

It is a wonderful single-player and co-op adventure that’s charming from beginning to end. If you are looking for a spooky Halloween horror, then this isn’t for you. It has an age rating of 7, so the spooks are more comical than skin-crawling. Luigi tries to save his friends from King Boo and his army of ghosts.

It has arguably the best graphics on the Nintendo Switch. The animations are detailed and quirky. The lighting and destructible scenery makes it technically spectacular. The animations give Luigi and the ghosts more character and make them more likeable.

Although Luigi’s Mansion 3 pays homage to the original titles, a huge difference between them is the fact that 3 takes place in a single high-rise hotel. There are 15 different levels to complete. Some floors are dedicated to ordinary rooms or shops, and others are dedicated to a dinosaur exhibition or a pirate cavern. Some floors are boss bottles and others are more puzzle orientated.

There’s a wide range of abilities open to Luigi. There is a new area of effect move which doubles as a small jump, a plunger for sticking to flat surfaces, and a darklight torch for discovering otherwise invisible objects.

The main story lasts for around 15 hours, but don’t let that put you off. As with any Mario game, there is plenty of collectables and hidden enemies to check off your list. Unfortunately, the puzzles are very easy. This game is not meant for adults though, so this isn’t too surprising.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is now available on Nintendo Switch for £49.99.

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