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Man of Medan - The New Until Dawn?

Everyone will remember the popular game, Until Dawn. It was a decision-based horror that meant the lives of the characters were in your hands. Supermassive Games, the developers, have now announced a new franchise, similar to Until Dawn, called Man of Medan. It is the first “episode” in the Dark Pictures Anthology. Man of Medan is the tale of four young adults and their skipper, who all set sail to find lost World War Two treasure. What could possibly go wrong? The ship is hijacked by pirates and eventually we end up on a lost ghost ship from the second world war.

Until Dawn was so successful due to the fact that our choices had severe and sometimes deadly consequences. It made the experience that much more horrifying. Having players choose what happens to your characters and how they interact with others is a really great way of making them more invested in the story. One wrong choice could mean the death of our favourite character, or one right one could mean the successful takedown of a pirate. The story is truly in your hands, and we have the power to make this interactive horror drama go in any direction we want.

As said before, it is an interactive horror. If you are wanting a gameplay-heavy game, then this isn’t for you. It is mostly cutscenes and during these points there will either be a selection wheel for how to respond to another character, for example, aggressive, serious, funny etc. or two-timed options that you have to choose between. Once you have chosen a physical action you will most likely be hit with a fast QuickTime event that you need to react quickly to, if you manage to successfully hit the right button in time then your action will go through smoothly, if you don’t, then you will fail in an embarrassing fashion.

There are also two co-op modes. “Movie Night” is a five-player mode for when you have your friends’ round. You all choose your character to play and pass the controller around when your character pops up. “Shared Story” is a two-player online mode, you play as different characters throughout and whilst you are making decisions your teammate is making decisions somewhere else on the ship. As you can’t communicate with each other, there is no way to tell what the other player is doing, which adds an air of mystery and tension.

Man of Medan is expected to release on the 30th of August on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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