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Mario Kart Tour is Everything We Thought it Would Be

Mario Kart Tour has been released today. Since its announcement last year, it has been extremely sought after. It is basically a Mario Kart game on mobile. It is free-to-play but there is an optional subscription service for £4.99 a month, which gives the player a gold pass and special items.

When I woke up this morning, I saw that Mario Kart Tour was trending. Instead of excitement about the release of the game, it was disappointment about the servers. Apparently, it was impossible to get on to a match due to the sheer volume of players trying to race. By the time I got to play, at about 10am, I faced no issues accessing matches.

Mario Kart Tour beautifully captures the magic of Mario Kart in a mobile form. The tracks are full fleshed out with detailed surroundings and fun obstacles. The only issue I have is the clunky steering. You swipe left and right to steer but it doesn’t feel smooth because it’s in portrait mode rather than landscape. Other than that, it is a wonderful mobile game that will give you hours of fun.

Mario Kart Tour is out today and is available for download on iOS and Android.

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