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Minecraft Dungeons - a Quick Look

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Mojang have decided to take Minecraft in a different direction. Coming in 2020 is a Minecraft dungeon adventure. It is inspired by classic dungeon crawlers and will support up to four players at one time.

Although this was announced last year at the Minecraft convention, we hadn’t heard any new information until E3.

In the release trailer we saw similar character design to Minecraft Story Mode. The quirky characters will appeal to younger players but the classic dungeon crawler style will appeal to older players.

It features new weapons, items and mobs, as well as a variety of environment to explore and an overarching quest that’ll see players face-off against an enemy, called the Arch Illager.

There are specific quests and locations but there is also elements that are procedurally generated. Players are not restricted to class, they are able to pick up any armour and weapons and fight with them.

Players will not be able to build or mine as this is not a traditional Minecraft game.

The game will take place both above and below ground. There is also opportunity for replaying as players can replay levels they have previously beaten.

You can play solo or with friends dropping in and out at any time.

To keep up to date on all things Minecraft Dungeons over the next year, follow @dungeonsgame at Twitter.

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