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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is as Scary as it is Cold

Iceborne is a new, huge expansion for Monster Hunter World. It has a whole new tier of monsters to face and a whole new catalogue of armour to craft. It’s not as simple as booting up the game and playing this new DLC, however. You need to have completed both low and high rank monsters. Luckily, the DLC came with a new update to help speed up the levelling process.

Iceborne is built for veteran players who have well-stocked chests, bonus gadgets from side quests, and a familiarity with their weapons. Although it is easier to level up now, it is important to spend time getting use to killing high-ranking monsters. Iceborne has ranked up the difficulty, massively.

Monsters move faster, hit harder, and have difficult quests to deal with. The terrain in Hoarfrost Reach is also out to kill you. The extreme cold can whittle down your health. Knee-deep snow and miles of unforgiving terrain stretch as far as the eye can see. Hoarfrost is the biggest map of all the locations in World. Base World is split into seven different areas – Iceborne’s map is just one large area. The further you get into this area, the harder it gets.

It’s not just snow you will find in Hoarfrost. It’s got hot springs, deep caverns, and imposing cliffsides.

New and old monsters who have adapted to living between hard stone floors and lots of ice. You will find creatures like the Viper Tobi-Kadachi and Fulgur. Antler-wielding Banbaro and the Beotodus Wyvern that can dive through the snow like a shark – bring completely new fights to Monster Hunter.

Iceborne is out now on consoles, but PC will have to wait until 2020.

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