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No Man's Sky is Good Now?

It is safe to say that No Man’s Sky did not have the greatest launch ever. In fact, it is argued that it was the worst video game launch to date. In August 2016, No Man’s Sky was met with an overwhelmingly negative response, the game was hyped up to be something it wasn’t, and this was very clear to fans.

Over the past few years, Hello Games have been trying to right this wrong with several huge updates that completely overhauled the title. The most recent update, titled Beyond, is definitely the most ambitious and adds hundreds of new features and changes that substantially improve the game.

Beyond is a culmination of updates over the years and it sees the game form into something close to what it was advertised to be. Something important to note here is that No Man’s Sky will never be “Skyrim in space”. You play as a scholar, adventurer, and crafter – not a fighter. Your main goal is to travel the planets learning more about their species and building bases wherever you please.

There are three main categories that are improved on in this update: multiplayer, quality of life, and VR.

By quality of life I mean making certain features easier to use and changing the crafting UI to suit the player’s needs. Crafting has become less of a chore. The inventory is dramatically increased which means that you can carry around more items and craft things quicker. There is a better logbook included which informs the player on crafting and other valuable information. No Man’s Sky is now more accessible to new players than ever before. There is a lengthy tutorial at the start of a new game which focusses on teaching you to craft and explore. This may annoy some players who want to figure things out on their own, but for the most part it’s a positive. Interacting with animals has also been overhauled, some can now be tamed and used as a mount. Space stations now feel realistic and are full of NPC’s.

Multiplayer was probably one of the biggest disappointments in No Man’s Sky when it was first released. After Beyond, things are different. On console, multiplayer now supports up to 8 players and on PC it supports 32. Jumping into a friend’s game and seeing what they are up to, helping them build their base, or take down that enemy, has never been easier. There is a new social space called the Nexus which is a place for you to interact with other players.

VR is now supported on PC and PlayStation. It is incredibly glitchy and the framerate is awful unless you turn the graphics all the way down. If you do get it working, it is fun to run around planets and fly your spaceship in Virtual Reality. In my opinion, the advancements made to the base game are far more exciting than VR support.

No Man’s Sky has been on one of the most interesting journeys in gaming history. It was knocked down to the ground at the beginning and over the years it has blossomed into a fully functioning, interesting game. If you have ever been interested in what this game will offer, now is the best time to jump in and explore.

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