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Outer Worlds is the Game We All Need Right Now

Obsidian entertainment have done it again. Set in an unspecified future in which humankind has began to colonise other planets, Outer Worlds takes place. Its like Andromeda but good. It’s quirky and edgy with a hint of steampunk. It has a lot of the same themes as Fallout: New Vegas, so if you enjoyed that then Outer Worlds is definitely for you.

In the star system of Halcyon, a giant shop called Hope is packed with hundreds of colonists in suspended animation. It has been abandoned for years until a mad scientist called Phineas Welles discovers it. He wakes up a single colonist on board: you.

The character creation is detailed. You can choose an attribute and put skill points into different sections. The wonderful thing about this game is you can truly be who you want. You aren’t forced into being the good guy, or a sarcastic good guy. You can fulfil any dark fantasy you have and run rampant on unsuspecting civilians. This is reinforced with amazing dialogue and writing. It’s truly a breath of fresh air.

The gun-play feels good enough, it doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but I’m not too bothered. You don’t have to run in guns blazing though. The stealth system is basic, but it feels satisfying to sneak past enemies and loot their belongings.

There’s so much potential for replay-ability. You can make different choices and craft a different character. It is definitely worth the £50 price tag.

Overall, Outer Worlds is a delightful game that will make you laugh. The world is your oyster and the player gets to decide who they want to be. After this lacklustre year of games, Outer Worlds gives me hope that there are still some good devs out there.

Outer Worlds is available on all platforms

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