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Review: The Blair Witch

The Blair Witch Game was released on Friday. It was met with mixed reactions, some people loved it. I was not one of those people. I was excited for this title and thought it was going to do well, I mentioned before that I was nervous for a few of its features and those features ended up being the downfall of this game.

The story is interesting. It’s about a police officer called Ellis who has joined the search for a young boy. It is set in the same universe as the movie and carries on two years after the students went missing in the woods. Ellis has a mysterious past that unravels through the events of the game. I believe that it’s a good concept for a game. We are thrown straight into the woods and we learn more about Ellis through flashbacks and phone calls with his ex, Jess.

The first thing I notice is how bad it looks. The graphics look like they’ve come straight out of 2012. This ruins a lot of the tension and atmosphere for me because I’m too busy looking at the weird trees. Bullet looks like his fur his made from needles and Ellis looks like he was made from putty. Jarring graphics ruin the immersion and takes the player out of the experience entirely.

When trailers first started coming out about this game, I was worried about the monsters that would appear. And apparently, I was right to be so. There are two different encounters with the supernatural beings in the woods – stealth and tense confrontation. These are drastically mismatched. The tense confrontations are, tense, funnily enough. These moments are very easy to get through and there are a few margins for error. The stealth on the other hand feels like I accidentally switched over to Dark Souls. Due to the dark and gloomy environments, it is almost impossible to see if you are in the monster’s line of sight or not. There are no margins for errors in this encounter, so I found myself having to repeat it multiple times. Luckily, these encounters are rare.

For me, it would have been way scarier if we never saw the monsters. In the movie, tension was built beautifully by hearing, but not seeing, the monsters in the woods.

Exploring the woods is more tiresome than tense. I got lost multiple times and ended up having to google where I’m supposed to go. The woods were kind of boring, I was looking at poorly rendered trees and picking up wooden totems.

The final act of the game redeemed it. It was a scary and satisfying conclusion to the story, however, you need to go through a lot of nonsense to get to it.

The Blair Witch game is just not for me. It lacked the scares and atmosphere to make it a successful horror title. The only good part is when you are in the house from the movie. Overall, it was a major let down.

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