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Stadia and the Future of Cloud Gaming

Google Stadia had a very polarising launch. This is due to the experience being incredibly different for every user. Its latency is dependent on your location to a Google server and your WiFi strength. Overall it feels very rushed, with a limited game pool and abundant technical issues.

Stadia have been very unclear on their pro subscription. They recently had to offer refunds to users due to releasing games for free that some players had already paid full price for. Stadia are releasing Tomb Raider Definitive Edition and Farming Simulator – among others – for free next month. This frustrated a lot of players with a pro subscription who have already purchased these games full price. It seems like an odd marketing move from Stadia which is a running trend with them.

Speaking of odd marketing, their game line-up is just that – weird. It mainly consists of old games like the Tomb Raider Trilogy and Assassins Creed Odyssey. There is no title that catches my eye. I struggle to figure out who Stadia is actually for. Casual gamers aren’t going to shell out £8.99 a month and £60 for the controller, and regular gamers aren’t going to abandon their game libraries on console.

It is an interesting development in the gaming industry. I do not believe that it will be a “killer of consoles”, but it offers a decent alternative if you are really eager to give it a shot. It will be intriguing to watch as cloud gaming develops over the years.

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