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Star Citizen has Raised $250 Million in Crowdfunding

The space sim, Star Citizen, has now raised more than $250 million USD in crowdfunding. Its initial crowdfunding campaign secured over $6m back in 2012. Despite the space sim having missed its original release date of November 2014, that number has continued to climb over the years.

$9.5m of Star Citizen’s current crowdfunding total was raised last month in the lead-up to this year’s CitizenCon event in Manchester. Lead Designer Chris Roberts unveiled Star Citizen’s new snow planet, microTech, which players will be able to explore later this month.

CitizenCon also saw the reveal of Theaters of War, a new 20v20 multiplayer mode combining first-person shooting and vehicle combat that’s due to arrive sometime next year.

Dynamic Planetary Weather, the long-promised $349 USD Anvil Carrack Ship, new star system Pyro, and the beta of much-delayed single-player mods Squadron 42, is also set for launch in 2020.

Star Citizen’s ongoing alpha has received steady procession of new features over the last 12 months, including its first explorable planet Hudson, playable female characters, first-person mining, caves, and more.

Despite this increase in development progress, however, Star Citizen is yet to receive a release date, almost eight years after its successful crowdfunding campaign.

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