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Super Mario Maker 2 is Here

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

After the great success of Mario Maker 1, Nintendo have decided to release a sequel. Super Mario Maker 2 gives players more tools and worlds to create courses. Mario Maker 2 allows two players to create a course together on the same screen. Once uploaded, up to four players can jump into the same course and try and beat it.

There is a new story mode feature with over 100 original levels. Although the story mode is only a few hours long, it gives you inspiration for creating levels in build mode.

With a Switch Online membership, you can upload your levels for other players to try out and you can pick one of the hundreds community levels to play.

Although the number of tools can be overwhelming, there are plenty of lessons available to show you what each item means.

You can add conditions for passing a level, requiring a player to do things like defeat a boss or collect a number of coins. You can do vertical levels, customise the direction of the automatic scrolling or create a course that winds up and down.

Super Mario Maker 2 comes out on Friday the 28th of June.

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