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The End of Fortnite?

On October the 13th, one of the most notable moments in gaming occurred. To mark the end of Season 10 of Fortnite, Epic Games released The End. This event caused the destruction of the infamous Fortnite Island. The game is now no longer playable.

The official Twitter, Website, and Instagram are now all showing the black hole that wiped out the game. This is arguably one of the most daring moves ever made by a Game Studio. The End has made Fortnite go viral, again. The Fortnite YouTube channel has as livestream of the event that shows the explosions and is currently streaming just the singularity. The event was viewed by over one million people on Twitch. The entire Fortnite category has gone from Twitch. Players who try to access the game will be met with a technical difficulties screen and then nothing.

Whatever your opinions are of the title, you cannot deny that this event is one of the best marketing strategies we have seen. The hashtag #Fortnite was trending all over the world yesterday. Everyone will be waiting to see what happens next.

It is not coincidental that a “Fortnite 2” screen got leaked a few days ago. Maybe Epic Games are making an entirely new game or maybe its just a new season. Whatever happens next, the future is looking bright for Fortnite.

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