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The Rise of Esports

The Fortnite World Cup started months ago. Waves of qualifiers whittled the players down to 100 finalists. Approximately 40 million people applied to qualify for the cup. There was six different rounds of last-man standing to get through. Bugha was in the lead at the very first round, which set the tone for the rest of his games. In the end, Bugha won by a huge margin. He is only 16 years old.

This was a momentous occasion for Esports in general. Fortnite was the most popular game of 2018, although its popularity has started to fall, millions of people tuned in to watch the cup and over 16,000 people attended. The prize pool was also the largest recorded in Esports history, although this will be beaten in August 2019 by Dota.

Bugha won $3million, this is more than what Tiger Woods won at the Masters. This shows that Esports is becoming more mainstream and might start bringing in the same amount of money as regular sports.

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