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We Need to Talk About Stadia

Google Stadia comes out in November. Since its announcement last year, people have been sharing their opinions and reactions. No one really knows who Stadia is for. It isn’t for hardcore gamers and it isn’t for casual gamers either.

Most analysts have been saying that for Stadia to succeed it needs to improve its latency. Due to the lack of hardware, Stadia’s games are all on servers around the world. Players who got hands-on with the prototype noted that lag issues were a huge problem. People are not going to invest money into Stadia if their games are completely unplayable.

Players are used to their game libraries on consoles, they aren’t going to abandon that for Stadia. PlayStation 4 is the most successful console because of exclusive games. Massive games like God of War and Until Dawn were only playable on PlayStation which made people go out and buy it. Stadia has been unable to get any exclusive titles which means players do not have an incentive to buy into it.

Next generation consoles will have exclusives planned already; Stadia is already behind. Although this sounds mostly negative, no one will know how it will be received until it is released.

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