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What We Want From Cyberpunk 2077

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Cyberpunk 2077 was announced last year at E3, this year we have been given a release date and some extra gameplay footage. Cyberpunk is quickly becoming the most anticipated game of 2020. We have just under a year to wait for the full release so in that time we thought we would discuss what players want from Cyberpunk.

Choices That Matter

It has been confirmed that Cyberpunk has multiple endings based on our choices throughout the game. This gives me hope that we see the impact our choices have throughout the game. For example, the combat options we choose in certain situations will have negative/positive connotations. If we choose stealth and non-lethal, does our companion respect us more? Alternatively, if we choose brute strength and killing everything we see in sight; do we get more street cred?

Customisable Weapons

In Cyberpunk, you can get synthetic upgrades to your character. This could mean hacking implants put in your head; massive blades put into your arms, virtually anything you can think of. What would make the combat tailored to the player's specific playstyle is the ability to customise our weapons. Be it melee weapons or machine guns; it would be cool to add our style to our weapons, even if it is just cosmetic.

Romance Subplots

My favourite part of RPG games is the romantic subplots. Mass Effect and Dragon Age made a huge impact on me because of how connected I was my character. Romance subplots allow us to feel more immersed in the story and the impact of our choices. Although I am still not over Solas’ plot in Dragon Age. Having this feature in Cyberpunk will make the experience more rememberable and immersive. If it’s going to be anything like Projekt Red’s last series, Witcher, then I don’t think we have anything to worry about.

Keep the Graphics the Same

We all remember the disappointment of finally getting Watch Dogs and realising it looks nothing like the promotional videos. Although this can happen for several optimisation reasons, it still felt like we had been tricked. Cyberpunk 2077 looks graphically stunning in all the gameplay and promotional videos we have seen so far. Here’s hoping it can stay this way for the next year.

Optimised Controls for PC

PC players are tired of triple-A games not putting in the effort to optimise controls for PC. Clunky controls and awkward key bindings are a sure-fire way to make PC players mad. A great example of this is Dragon Age: Inquisition. I don’t have a bad word to say about Inquisition, but even I can see that PC controls were an afterthought. Here’s hoping Cyberpunk can learn from Dragon Age’s mistakes.

We have just under a year to find out if we will get what we want. Do you want to see any specific features from Cyberpunk? Comment below.

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