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Why Does Everyone Hate the New Sims Design?

The new Sims 4 update is here and its safe to say that fans are not happy. Under the announcement tweet from the official Sims twitter account, it is full of replies of unhappy fans who just want the old design back.

In my opinion, the new design for the Sims isn’t the worst thing in the world. Yes, it is a lot of blue, and yes, it does look cheap. But it doesn’t affect the main game in the slightest. Your main menu is completely redesigned and there has been an obvious priority placed on packs. Before, the packs you have and don’t have would be listed on the side of the screen, now they are across the bottom of the screen in a much bigger banner. It is an obvious choice that EA has made to highlight how many packs you don’t have in order to push you to buy more. Typical EA.

This isn’t the only reason fans are mad, migraine suffers have been calling out The Sims team for ruining its accessibility. Those that suffer with autism state that it is causing sensory overload which is forcing them to not play the game anymore. As I don’t suffer with either of these issues I cannot pass judgement on its affect.

The Sim Gurus have said that this new redesign shows their commitment to the Sims 4 on its fifth anniversary. 5 years is usually the time that a new title in the franchise would be announced, but the Gurus have stated that the Sims 4 still has years of content planned.

What do you think? Do you hate the new redesign?

Let us know down below.

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