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Why Harry Potter Would Make a Great RPG

It has been years now since the final Harry Potter film was released. When I was first introduced to the books and the films, I wanted to explore the world on my own and experience the Wizarding World in my own way. I had to make do with boring games based on the films. Yes, the Lego Harry Potter game series is enjoyable, but it’s not what jumps to my mind when I think of realistic RPGs. In my opinion, I think that the Harry Potter story and world, is a great backdrop for a really good game. I’m surprised more developers haven’t taken this opportunity. Here is why I think that Harry Potter would make a great RPG.


There are a hundred different avenues for the story to go down. It would be interesting to see a new story in the Harry Potter Universe that isn’t related to HP himself. For example, it would be cool to see what it’s like working in the Ministry of Magic, studying in another school that isn’t Hogwarts, or even working your way up to rank of Death Eater. There is so many different directions that this could go in, it is a game writers dream.


Creating your own character would allow a new level of immersion. Having a mechanic like in Mass Effect and Dragon Age would be perfect for this setting. You get to choose your background (half-blood, pure-blood), your house, your speciality (herbology, potions) and the way you look. It will allow the player to change the way people react to you and how they interact. There is a wealth of characters in the HP series that could make a cameo in this game. Having the Weasley twins or Neville Longbottom pop up would be an ode to the books.


In my head, I picture the combat in a HP game like the combat in Kingdom Hearts. A lot of lights, jumping around, and creating amazing structures to deal massive amounts of damage to your enemies. I think this layout would work perfectly for HP. The combat in previous titles have been boring and clunky, this is a missed opportunity.


If you were like me, then you wanted nothing more than to explore Hogwarts castle after watching the films. There is so many secrets and places to explore, it could easily be the only location of a game. In my ideal HP RPG though, I would want to explore the villages surrounding the school, the Ministry of Magic, and the Weasley’s grotto. Much like the story, there is so many locations this game could take place in. It is a designer’s dream.

Hopefully one day we get the Harry Potter RPG of my dreams. Until then I'll have to make do with the movies.

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