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Why I Love Forza Horizon 4

Over the past week I have been playing a lot of Forza Horizon 4. I know I’m late to the party but as a fan of the Horizon series, I genuinely adore this installment and I think it’s the best in the series. Even if you aren’t that interested in cars, its still a fun and fulfilling game. Developers Turn 10 and Playground Games have made substantial changes to the title that are extremely welcome. It is packed full of content that gives you hundreds of hours of gameplay.

The first main change is character creation. I use creation lightly as it is very bare bones. You choose a character preset and get to change their clothing and emotes. On top of that, when you log in and at certain times during the game, you will get greeted using the name linked to your account. Both of these additions make the experience immersive and personable. For me, I felt way more invested in my character and her story in the Horizon Festival.

Obviously, the most important feature of Forza is the cars. I cannot stress this enough; Horizon 4 does cars RIGHT. Every car feels unique and exciting to drive. They take how the car would realistically drive in real life and implement that into the game. This adds to the realism already present in the title. You can’t drive a Lamborghini Aventador up a hill in real life, so you can’t do it in Forza Horizon. It makes you really think about what car to use in certain races and environments.

Horizon 4 is set in the UK and the attention to detail is truly impressive. I can’t speak for the English villages, but Edinburgh is so detailed that it feels like you are really there. The map is so expansive that after a week of playing, I still haven’t explored everything. Another new feature added to the game is Seasons. After the initial tutorial section, each season lasts for a week in real time. Seasons aren’t just for aesthetics. Each season affects how your cars drive and the races you take part in. For example: in Winter the roads are dangerous and slippy, in Autumn the roads are covered in leaves, and in Spring there is torrential rain. Each Season makes the map feel completely different.

There is a lot of races to partake in. A Lot. There’s dirt racing, cross country, street racing, and road racing. There is also Season specific races that are only available for a limited time, showcase races, and story expeditions. Story is a new feature for this game. It adds multiple stories throughout the map that have ten chapters for you to complete. For example, there is a stunt racing story in which you help out a movie to film different stunts.

Basically, there is so much content in this game that you will be playing it for hours. If you haven’t picked up Forza Horizon 4 yet then now is a perfect time to do it, it is half price on all platforms.

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