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Wolfenstein: Youngblood Will Have a Lighter Tone When it Comes to Killing Nazis

Wolfenstein is a traditionally single player, story focused game with a series overtone of political differences. In Youngblood, expect a much lighter, humour-based game. It will still be about killing Nazis, obvs, but this title takes the series in a completely new direction.

Youngblood is a two-player co-op shooter game developed by Machine Games and Arkane Studios, it is being published by Bethesda. The last two instalments of the franchise have followed the story of BJ Blazkowikz in his Nazi fighting adventures. Now, BJ has gone missing in Paris and it’s up to his twin daughters, Sophia and Jessica, to come to his rescue.

Another huge difference in this game is that the Swastika will now be present in the German version of the game. Germany have changed their laws to allow the symbol in art if it’s for educational purposes, so the German version will now be the exact same as every other version.

Wolfenstein Youngblood comes to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on 26th of July. For some reason it will be released on PC a day earlier, on the 25th.

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